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Fu Ejiao twelfth five year development goals

    The main economic indicators in 50% of the speed of steady and rapid growth. Production and sale of products structure to realize the strategic adjustment, the building of enterprise culture to strengthen significantly, system and mechanism reform is deepened ceaselessly, ability of group comprehensive strength and market competitiveness, anti risk increased significantly, employee income generally increases, further improve the material and cultural life, ability to fulfill the social responsibilities and further enhance.

Fupai ejiaoStrategic positioning

    Inheriting the ancestor example——Great virtue carries happiness with it

    The positioning of the enterprise——Culture of health preservation

Fupai ejiaoThe focus of development

    Create China only natural colla Corii Asini culture park

    To build the country's largest production base of donkey hide gelatin

    The establishment of the country's most advanced modernization of donkey hide gelatin preparation and food production base

    The establishment of Yangshengtang (store)

    The establishment of Chinese Ejiao Research Institute

    The establishment of lions ear mountain donkey scientific research base

    The establishment of Chinese herbal medicine planting demonstration base

    The establishment of information transmission center

    The establishment of Ji'nan city is one of the most advanced CNC machine tool production base

Fupai EjiaoConcept of development:Concentrate one's attention on engage in business, undivided attention to seek development


Fupai EjiaoBusiness philosophy:Improve the management quality, improve and enhance the quality of life of employees, and make greater contribution to the society


Fupai EjiaoThe spirit of enterprise:Dedicated Qiushi  Diligence and honesty  Strict and efficient  Innovation


Fupai EjiaoCamp enterprise spirit:Dedicated and pragmatic  The courage to challenge  Gets rough  Determined to succeed


Fupai EjiaoThe idea of cooperation:The risk of partners is reduced to zero, to maximize the interests of partners


Fupai Ejiaoemployment ideality:Heavy degree more heavy ability, heavy life more important contribution, Chongwen with heavier level


Fupai EjiaoQuality concept:Do the first quality, make the first brand


Fupai Ejiaoservice idea:All around the market dry, immediately organized market things

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