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In recent years, Fu glue group using "Fu" brand was continuous finds for "Chinese old", and "China famous trademark" of opportunities, vigorously implementation brand strategy, increased propaganda efforts, in community deepening "Chinese old, authentic good donkey-hide gelatin, Fu brand donkey-hide gelatin" of concept; through integration Fu glue culture resources, reached promote Donga Town "Fu" donkey-hide gelatin culture, let Donga Town Fu brand donkey-hide gelatin benefit humanity, continued wrote more than 2000 years donkey-hide gelatin history of brilliant and legend.

  • China's Time-Honored Brand
  • China well-known mark
  • China intangible cultural heritage
  • Chinese Ejiao Village
  • The ejiao quality rating first
  • The National Quality Award
  • The traditional Chinese medicine 50
  • The ejiao quality rating first

•In 1950 by the national investment in China Jiao town of Donga Town to build China's first State-run of donkey-hide gelatin production companies--Shandong pingyin gelatin factory.
•In 1968, upon approval of the medical supplies company in Shandong province, borne by pingyin exclusive of donkey-hide gelatin plant "Fu" brand of donkey-hide gelatin export production.
•1975 medical supplies company, Shandong province, according to the country (1973) 121th, spirit, in pingyin donkey-hide gelatin plant held a "first national of donkey-hide gelatin production Symposium" donkey-hide gelatin plant as one of eight key technological transformation traditional Chinese medicine factory in the province.
•In 1976 a new successful development of donkey-hide gelatin, pingyin donkey-hide gelatin plant has led new donkey-hide gelatin, a clinical pharmacology, chemical components analysis of donkey-hide gelatin, fill the gaps in research of donkey-hide gelatin.
•1979 national approval "Donga Town" brand, "Fu" brand pingyin exclusive trademark of donkey-hide gelatin plant for me.
•In 1984, pingyin lead to secondary development of donkey-hide gelatin of donkey-hide gelatin plant, Shandong ejiao Fu brand cream successfully ended a history of single agent production of donkey-hide gelatin industry, marked the beginning of donkey-hide gelatin industry diversification of production in the new era.
•1985 donkey-hide glue production line of high efficiency and energy saving technical reconstruction project completed, achieved annual production of the donkey-hide gelatin, ending a more than 2000 years, because of the natural conditions is limited to winter production of "six months six months free" history.
•1988 "Fu" brand, "Donga Town" brand of donkey-hide gelatin double won national quality Gold Prize.
•1992 economic city science and Technology Commission approved the establishment of "China's Jinan · Shandong Institute of donkey-hide gelatin".
•1992 "Fu" brand, "Donga Town" brand was awarded "famous trademark of Shandong Province".
•In 1992 the second development of donkey-hide gelatin has a new, plain gelatin preparation "Fu brand instant gelatin granule" and "donkey-hide gelatin of Wuyuan buxue syrup" have been developed, a new milestone in the history of donkey-hide gelatin.
•1993 in pingyin County, according to GMP standard building reconstruction project of donkey-hide gelatin preparation workshop was started.

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