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ChengYu FamousofficialofWeiduringthethreeKingdomsperiod.WhoserealnameisChengLi,Tarzanwonduetoadreamday,renamedChengYu.Hasineffectledthepeopletofightyellowscarves.AfterCaoCaoinYanzhou,tho.WhenlevyofCaoCaoinXuzhou,ChengYuXunstayedbehindandstopLüBU,ChenGongforcetokeepTri-Cities,duetotheworkofDongping,Tuntothefan.YuCaoCaoaffiliationaftertheHanemperorunderthecapitalxuchang,ChengYu-Shangandlaterto...

  • Colla Corii Asini culture park


  • The traditional process
    Exclusive inheritance-by-generation spread the traditional glue craft survived China's intangible culturalheritage, ancient concoction. Boil glue technology is more than 2000 years boil plastic 


  • Langxi River
    Exclusive use of a unique traditional water through gum – a Wolf Creek River. Fu brand gelatin exclusively use a unique traditional water through gum – a Wolf


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