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In 1950 by the state investment, the construction of China's first state-owned donkey hide gelatin production enterprises -- Shandong Pingyin gelatin factory in Chinese Ejiao village of Dong'e town.

In 1968, approved by the Shandong Province medicine company, by the Pingyin donkey hide gelatin factory to assume exclusive "Fu" brand export right of donkey hide gelatin production.

1975 - Shandong Province medicine company in accordance with the (1973) the spirit of No. 121 document, held a"first national donkey hide gelatin production forum" in Pingyin donkey hide gelatin factory, donkey hide gelatinfactory as one of the province's eight key technological transformation of traditional Chinese medicine factory.

The successful development of 1976 new Pingyin, donkey hide gelatin, donkey hide gelatin factory took the lead on the donkey hide gelatin, donkey hide gelatin as new clinical pharmacological research, the chemical composition analysis, fill the blank of donkey hide gelatin.

1979 - the national trade and Industry Bureau approved the "Dong'e town" brand, "Fu" brand for our Pingyin donkey hide gelatin factory special trademark.

1984 - Pingyin donkey hide gelatin factory took the lead in the two development of donkey hide gelatin, the successful development of Shandong Fu licensing donkey hide gelatin, donkey hide gelatin industry over single adhesive agent production history, marking the donkey hide gelatin industry began a new era of diversification of production.

1985 - donkey hide gelatin energy efficient production line technological transformation project is completed, annual production of donkey hide gelatin is realized, ending two thousand years of the restriction of natural conditions is limited to the winter production of "production in the first half year among" history.

1988 - "Fu" brand, "Dong'e town" Ejiao double won the national quality award.

1992 - economic South City Science and Technology Commission approved the establishment of "Ji'nan - ShandongInstitute of China donkey hide gelatin".

1992 - "Fu" brand, "Dong'e town" brand was awarded "famous brand of Shandong province".

Two - 1992 donkey hide gelatin and new achievement, pure donkey hide gelatin preparation "blessing card instant donkey hide gelatin granule" and "Ejiao blood oral liquid" have been successfully developed, is a new milepost on the history of the development of donkey hide gelatin.

Established in 1993, according to GMP standard in Pingyin County, the donkey hide gelatin preparation workshoprenovation project started.

1995 - Shandong Pingyin donkey hide gelatin factory was in Shandong province science and Technology Commission identified as high-tech enterprises.

1995, approved by the Shandong, Pingyin donkey hide gelatin factory established restructuring Shandong Fujiao Group Co., Ltd established in May 18th.

1997 - "Fu" brand, "Dong'e town" brand trademark second won the "Shandong famous brand" title.

1997 - pure donkey hide gelatin preparation "blessing card Ejiao capsule" was successfully developed, and won thethree prize of scientific and technological progress in Shandong province.

1998 - Fujiao group was awarded the "quality star enterprise" title in Shandong province and drug administration.

In 1998, general manager Yang Fuan was approved by the State Council to enjoy the special allowance of the state council.

1999 - "Fu" brand, "Dong'e town" Ejiao by Shandong province people's government issued the "Shandong Province Product Quality Award" certificate.

1999 - Fujiao group won the "import and export enterprise qualification certificate", my group officially by the exportqualification.

2002 - CCTV -4 "through" column China crew to group investigated interview, 2003 January Fujiao formally enteredthe CCTV international channel.

2003 - sapphire is the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the province economic and Trade approved as the two typeenterprises.

In 2003, the State Quality Supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Pingyin town of Dong'e county will bedesignated as "Fu", "Dong'e town" Ejiao Ejiao by region of origin, Dong'e town of origin marks, and awarded a certificate of registration.

2003 - April Fujiao group won the fight against "SARS" decoction of production right in Shandong province first, and donate anti SARS Decoction and improve immunity of body "Shandong E-Jiao slurry" and other products and cash 50 yuan, contributing to the "SARS".

In 2005, general manager Yang Fuan won the eighth batch of "talent" Ji'nan top-notch professional title.

2006 - Shandong Fujiao Group Limited company by the Shandong provincial science and Technology Department,the provincial financial department as "the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology demonstration enterprise in Shandong province".

In 2006, chairman Zhou Guangsen was named "enthusiastic Quancheng public welfare" ten outstanding characters.

2007 - Fujiao group was the province of spiritual civilization Committee of Shandong named as the "provincialcivilized unit".

In 2008, chairman Zhou Guangsen won the "advanced individual honorary title of" national double support model.

In 2008, general manager Yang Fuan won the "five one Ji'nan City Labor medal".

In 2008, general manager Yang Fuan officially made the "twenty-ninth session of the Beijing 2008 Olympic torch relay the torch" qualification.

2008 - Fujiao group was named "Shandong province consumer satisfaction units".

In 2008, general manager Yang Fuan won the "30 years of reform and opening up Ji'nan outstanding entrepreneur" title, the ninth batch of "talent" Ji'nan top-notch professional title.

In 2009, general manager Yang Fuan was selected in the 2008 "Ji'nan" annual economic figures.

2009 - Shandong Fujiao group Zhou Guangsen, Yang Fuan selected for the Shandong Province, the second batch of intangible cultural heritage of people, is a traditional Chinese medicine project only selected two successors.

In 2009, Yang Fuan won the eleventh session of the Ji'nan city outstanding entrepreneur honorary title.

2009 - Shandong Fujiao group won the "sixty anniversary of the founding of Shandong Province medicine industry Gongxun enterprises" title, Yang Fuan won the "sixty anniversary of the founding of Shandong Province pharmaceutical industry Gongxun entrepreneurs award.

In 2009, general manager Yang Fuan selected "China reform of outstanding character".

2010 - Fujiao group won the Shandong Province integrity enterprise honorary title.

2010 - Chinese cities list of Ji'nan city card is announced, blessing card Ejiao honor dengbang.

In 2011, general manager Yang Fuan was selected as the "2010 annual top ten lu".

In 2011, general manager Yang Fuan was selected in the 2010 "Ji'nan" annual economic figures.

2012 - Fu Ejiao production base was awarded "the first provincial-level protection production base".

In 2012, general manager Yang Fuan was awarded the "Shandong province twentieth session of outstandingentrepreneur" title.

In 2013, general manager Yang Fuan was awarded the "2012 annual Ji'nan city mayor quality award".

In 2013, general manager Yang Fuan won the "five one national labor medal".

In 2013 4000 tons a donkey hide gelatin Fujiao group completed and put into production, leading Chinese expert Liu Changhua, Provincial Department of culture, leadership, county and hundreds of entrepreneurs to congratulate.

- in 2013, blessing card Ejiao ranking from seventeenth in 2012 rose to fourth in the national retail pharmacies selling OTC.

2014 - Fujiao group again by China Quality Inspection Association awarded the "national quality and service integrityexcellent enterprise" title, sapphire products were rated as "national quality inspection qualified product stability".

In 2014, general manager Yang Fuan received a doctor's degree in China top 100 pharmaceutical chain enterprisesexecutive management.

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