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Shandong Fuk rubber group "stability test box"
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Shandong Fuk rubber group "stability test box"

Tender notice

The bidding project: "stability experiment box"

The tenderee: Shandong Fujiao Group Co., Ltd.

Type: equipment procurement bidding

The contents of the notice:

Shandong Fujiao group "experiment box" stability of tender, welcome the eligibility requirements to suppliers to.

One, equipment list (in the tender documents shall prevail)

device name

Stability test Chamber



Main technical parameters of equipment

Shape size

Shall not exceed 1.1 meters wide, not 2.2 metres high.

Temperature range


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity


Humidity range


Humidity fluctuation


Humidity deviation


Heating rate

3℃≤1min(Average speed

Cooling rate

0.7~1.0℃/1min (Average speed

Temperature control accuracy


Display resolution

Time: 0.1min temperature: 0.1 , humidity 0.1%RH

Sample holder

Above level 4

UPS power supply

Device is powered off (factory power outage or other unexpected power) keeps the machine continues to run forabout 2 hours, test affected products cannot be made because of power cuts.


Free certification

Drug stability testing Chamber that
meets the test condition

Accelerated test:40℃±2℃      75%±5%R.H     

Long term test:25℃±2℃      60%±10%R.H 


Long free

Second, the closing date for tenders: 5:00 October 7, 2014 (the tender document shall prevail)


Third, technical advice: Zhou Weifeng: 15550468268;


Business Consulting: Li Jilong: 0531-87886132


Person receiving the mark: Chen liguang (received), Tel: 0531-87886213, 15552578615

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