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Blessing for Chinese regimen of culture -- the way to modernization of the first mayor Quality Award nomination award Enterprises
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"It has three meanings: one is a blessing of donkey-hide gelatin culture spread across the country, second,Fu brand of donkey-hide gelatin products nationwide, three are cultural regimen started in the country. "Theytalk about" blessed China ", Yang Fuan well-defined, clear thinking. This is his position as General Managerof Shandong Fuk adhesive group, in the face of "after 2,500 years of ancient heritage, is known as one of thethree treasures of traditional Chinese medicine of the donkey-hide gelatin, how to on the road to itsmodernization," the answers to find such a proposition.
Have a 156-year history, holding a 62-year process, Yang Fuan took his Fu rubber Group's interpretation ofthe answer is further: Fukuyuki China, culture and health. Thus, these eight words will become the Group'scurrent position. Approached, which specializes in "health groups to do cultures, with cultural health"business can fully feel the modern Millennium of donkey-hide gelatin tour.
From the "f" word "Fu" brand and modern brand champion
Donkey-hide gelatin has a kind of inheritance? Shen Nong's Materia Medica, the oldest Drug Monograph, washailed as a classic of Chinese herbal medicine. It was of the "donkey-hide gelatin" made the first recorded."Top grade" Fitch pulled ejiao 2,500 years of history. Shuo Wen Jie Zi, China's first dictionary are arrangedin a radical. It can be found on the "glue" words of explanation.
The words "made by" reveals the connotation of donkey-hide gelatin.
The compendium of Materia Medica, a naturalist with the worldwide impact of work. Inside of it there is alsorecorded on the donkey-hide gelatin. The phrase "Dong ', hence the name of donkey-hide gelatin" mark thebirthplace of donkey-hide gelatin---the ancient County town, now known as Donga Town in pingyin County ofJinan.
Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin workshops is the concentration of donkey-hide gelatin producer, productionof donkey-hide gelatin has a history of more than 2,500 years. Here there is a unique natural conditions, andhas a habit of generations through plastic. The gelatin manufacturing here for generations, long afterstarting middle age could not be confirmed. For which data are available, here in the past have made it through techniques of farmers, farm produce in Exchange for donkey skin, slack season in winter and spring,first with the individual, the latter in a cooperative manner, through adhesive alternate or sold.
Since North Song Kaibao two years (969), Dong after the county seat moved from Arab cities and towns in Donga Town, appeared the donkey-hide gelatin workshop, and wells dried up, donkey-hide gelatin production centerwas transferred from the Arab towns Donga Town. To the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Donga Town ofdonkey-hide gelatin industry almost "mother and child all through plastic" heyday. At scale larger of making workshop has "dengshi·shudetang", and "coated's · huaidetang", and "Yu's · days de Hall", and "King's · Jing Chuntang", and "King's · forest spring Hall", and "Sun's · huairentang", and "Anshi·yishoutang", and "Zhuang's · Port-au-Prince scale old pharmacies", and "Chen's · Dong Yueheng pharmacies" "Reed's · Association Yu donkey-hide gelatin Zhuang", a dozen home, in national fame are is ring, these shop some authoritarian donkey-hide gelatin, some Qian shop Hou factory or practice and business donkey-hide gelatin, all home strengths, each led Chiaki. Donga Town become famous "China Township of donkey-hide gelatin",becomes tied with Jingdezhen, maotai town town of three high-quality products in China.
Records from ancient books can clearly sort out the history of donkey-hide gelatin. However, from the"donkey-hide gelatin" to "Fu" brand, which also contains an allusion that would require a "blessing" says:
Xianfeng of Qing dynasty, the Emperor's mistress languiren (later Empress), Rokko, blood disease, doctorspermanently invalid. When Chen Zonggui hubu shilang Donga Town people, physicians recommend dong in the city"dengshi·shudetang" produced by Donkey-hide gelatin. Langui people after taking, recovered and Yu Xianfengsix years (1856) the March arrival of a son, which became the Tongzhi Emperor. Emperor joy, give"dengshi·shudetang" Tang Deng Fa San gift of four depictions of yellow jacket, son of shouzhe (the pass in and out of the Palace in ancient times) and Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin "f" Word, and shudetang ofdonkey-hide gelatin as "tribute glue."
Qian Jin Zhi in Qing dynasty---records of donkey-hide gelatin has also recorded ten year of Xianfeng (1871)was founded, the court appointed four Governors visiting the shudetang producer of donkey-hide gelatin per year, with the convergence of concentrates on Jiuquan Springs, burning nine cauldron, even stayed nine daysin shujiuhantian, known to history as "nine-day tribute rubber", designed for Palace use.
When the gelatin into the modern into a standardized product, 156 years ago Xian Feng Yuci "f" Word, itstands to become a "Fu" brand. The late 70, "Fu" registered by the State administration for industry and commerce, became Fu rubber Group's exclusive trademark, has a history of more than 2,500 years, "Fu" brand ofgelatin also continues to this day.
Now, in addition to yellow jacket outside have been buried as custom master Deng Fa, shouzhe and epitomizingthe "Fu" are well preserved in the China Museum of donkey-hide gelatin group. Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin "f" Word, became Fu rubber group seven forms, hundreds of varieties of the head that wore the "Fu"brand.
Among them, have Fu Dragon donkey-hide gelatin, gelatin, ginseng and new donkey-hide gelatin of donkey-hide gelatin, a number of countries, such as protection of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine, donkey-hide gelatin buxue ye, Shandong ejiao instant gelatin particles, paste, such as ginseng and donkey-hide gelatinover more than 10 national exclusive products with independent intellectual property rights. Donkey-hide gelatin capsules, gelatin of Wuyuan buxue syrup in 2008 was named "2007 Jinan brand-name products". Blessingcards, instant gelatin of donkey-hide gelatin, donkey-hide gelatin blood oral solution, Jinan City, wasrecognized as one of the first independent innovation products. The same year, the donkey-hide gelatin andgelatin buxue ye both won title of Shandong province famous brand product.
From the "Church" to "group" wearing of modern industrial clothing
Donkey-hide gelatin is how to make it?
1935, Qian World Bookstore produced of China pharmacy big dictionary, on ancient Donga Town area boil business donkey-hide gelatin of elements made has clear of discusses: "annually spring, optional black no disease health donkey, feeding to shiershan of grass, drink to Wolf Brook River of water, to winter slaughter take skin, dip Wolf Brook Hanoi 45 days, scraping series scale, again dip drift number day, take o wells, with sang firewood boil three day and night, to Zi filter, again with silver pot gold shovel, plus parameter Qi owned Xiong Orange GUI licorice, drug juice, boil to into glue, its color smooth, flavor Gan salty, gas fragrance, this that really donkey-hide gelatin also. ”
Shiershan, located inside a plastic donkey-hide gelatin Group China Cultural Park, hundreds of species ofrare herbs in the mountains, it is a natural treasure-house of Chinese medicine. Ass eating mountains ofCursive meat fat, glossy black coat color are the finest raw materials needed to glue. Wolf Creek River, theonly surviving traditional glue water, concentrates on bed together, and currently also accommodates ejiaocultural Park in China. Cook low ash content of donkey-hide gelatin, not soften in summer, winter is notbroken, the curative effect is unique.
Modern gelatin is made of?
In 1950, the national investment in Donga Town was one of the most famous "dengshi·shudetang", "Tu ·huaidetang", "to's · Tian de Tong", a dozen old name as one set of donkey-hide gelatin, has established anational first donkey-hide gelatin factory---Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin plant in pingyin County,Shandong province. At this point, Donga Town Zhu Jia Jiao workshop classical art, recipes and culture willgather together. 2500 Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin on the development of a standard, unified way. Isblessed in the factory plastic Group's predecessor.
In 1995, the Shandong pingyin of donkey-hide gelatin plant restructuring on the basis of Shandong Fuk rubbergroup co., Ltd. founded. Since established yilai, Fu glue has been always remember quality first of mass controlled concept, depending on products quality for enterprise life, first established has national first a donkey-hide gelatin production standard, and quality standard, and detection standard, containing Yu China Pharmacopoeia, became national quality standard control of specification, established has reliable of quality standard system and careful of quality monitoring system, formed has to quality for core of enterprise culture, guarantee has Fu brand donkey-hide gelatin of authentic authentic.
60 years to, Fu glue Group concentrated development power, strong launched has used large steam ball pressurized of skin, and refining glue of advanced steam boil glue process, clean health, and efficient energy, completely break has past with exposure big pot, Sang Chai boil glue of behind situation, advance has donkey-hide gelatin of development course, both improve has donkey-hide gelatin production efficiency, and keep has donkey-hide gelatin authentic authentic of features. As the gelatin industry after the founding ofnew China, the first professional production factory, Fu plastic distinctive donkey-hide gelatin group haslaunched the country's first technology modern year-round production lines to form the advanced temperatureand humidity, temperature and humidity control precision of modern standard workshop, ending a more than 2000 years of donkey-hide gelatin in winter only the backward situation of production, achieve the perfectcombination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.
From "gel" to "modern preparation" pedal of modern products shoes
In 1992, approved by the municipal science and Technology Commission, Fu rubber group formed the country'sfirst "China's Jinan · Shandong Institute of donkey-hide gelatin" and later upgraded to municipal-leveltechnical center, is the County's first provincial Technical Center, Yang Fuan led the research teamimplemented the project of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine of the donkey-hide gelatin, long-term commitment to the effectiveness of donkey-hide gelatin, donkey-hide gelatin industrialization andstandardization of scientific and technological innovation work of research and product development.
In terms of adhering to the path of modernization, Fu brand gelatin insisted "based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, based on consumer-oriented" concept first proposed modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. In this theory, under the guidance of Fu brand of donkey-hide gelatin has identified three-way r---keep the tradition of donkey-hide gelatin compositions and therapeutic effect of plain gelatin preparation(instant gelatin particles, gelatin capsules, etc), and strengthen the efficacy of donkey-hide gelatin in away a modern compound (Shandong ejiao creams, donkey-hide gelatin buxue oral liquid), with donkey-hide gelatin as raw materials of health food (instant gelatin, Shandong ejiao pulp, etc). In this process, the Fubrand of gelatin and always put quality as the life of enterprise, adhere to build "first quality, firstbrand" quality philosophy, by two State Department grant of donkey-hide gelatin intangible cultural heritageexperts and two leading research and development team, adhere to the course of combination.
In recent years, Fu brand of gelatin to actively build a tourism factory, packaging 49 production processesfrom raw material procurement to achieve full transparency and openness, media, each year tens of thousands of people from all walks of life such as travel agencies, clients, foreign tourists, the community unveiledthe mystery of the intangible cultural heritage, the company was also named provincial "demonstrationenterprise of industrial tourism." Meanwhile, Fu brand of donkey-hide gelatin on the basis of maintaining thetraditional characteristics, set up a production line with a combination of modern science and technology andquality control system, active inclusion, Jinan City, food and drug administration "pharmaceutical companiesproduce remote video surveillance system," SFDA for gelatin production around the clock to monitor the whole process.
In addition, Fu brand of gelatin also implement gelatin retrofit, drug, health food GMP certification 10technical innovation projects such as construction, renovation, industrial park, built the nation's largestdonkey-hide gelatin production base. At present, every workshop had all passed drug and food GMPcertification, QS certification of food production, and is operating effectively. In 2011, is a blessing ofdonkey-hide gelatin Twelve-Five programming in the first year, annual production capacity of 4500 tons of thecountry's largest production base of Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin, donkey-hide gelatin products annualproduction capacity of 6000 tons of Fu Jiao industrial park, the only natural China commenced ejiao culturalPark has been fully implemented.
Fu brand of donkey-hide gelatin has become the industry forms the largest, most complete variety, bestquality brand enterprises, Shandong province, the provincial-level spark science and technology demonstrationenterprises, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology demonstration enterprises.
From the "houdezaifu" to "cultural health" gods of modern culture
A successful enterprise is inseparable from the cultural support, and cultural power is the source ofenterprise's core competitiveness. It reflects a commitment to the ethos of material production, a businessphilosophy and personal mastery approach to life. Fu rubber Group understands that, in building China's firstbrand of donkey-hide gelatin, create first-class enterprise culture objective, dedicated to Fu plasticconstruction of enterprise culture for China enterprise culture construction's top 50. And this culturalbuilding also underwent a "houdezaifu" to "culture and health" of the modern tour.
In Donga Town of donkey-hide gelatin industry heyday of the Ming and Qing dynasties, donkey-hide gelatin hasbecome a tribute to the Royal family's private tribute, as "tribute glue" upscale tonic that is outside theordinary people's consumption. At that time, Donga Town more famous of the donkey-hide gelatin workshop "inclan · Tian de Tong" Hall in Wan Xiu, for the relief of poor people, always adhere to the tribute of thedonkey-hide gelatin were distributed to them. This Act of kindness has finally been appreciated by theDaoguang Emperor, and decided to be rewarded. But Yu Wanxiu for his filial piety will be given theopportunity to give their grandmother, his grandmother Lady dubbed the Imperial mandate. So far, DaoguangEmperor's command remained intact within the Fu brand Museum of donkey-hide gelatin, reminding "houdezaifu"teachings from our ancestors in the contemporary society to flourish.
How to "houdezaifu" in contemporary society, the teachings from our ancestors carried forward? Today, Yang Fuan seem to have found the answer to this question: the cultural health.
According to Yang Fuan introduction, Fu rubber group is implementing to build exclusive Wolf River ecologicalPark Street, donkey-hide gelatin, shiershan donkey breeding base, origin of donkey-hide gelatin built Museumof natural history, formation of radiation in Jinan, pingyin, three series, large-scale tourism in Donga Townfactory, to carry forward the national culture, promote health, write 2000 years for glory and legend ofdonkey-hide gelatin culture lay to be continued.
Fu rubber Group's mission has always been to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicineculture, around the "rejuvenation of old and promote Chinese culture, bigger and stronger culture of donkey-hide gelatin industry, to create the Millennium town of donkey-hide gelatin" goal, spending huge sums tointegrated construction "donkey-hide gelatin, China Culture Park" located in "China Jiao town, Orientalgarden of good health". Establishment of shiershan animal skin in Donga Town farming demonstration Park will be kept in Donga Town in Ming and Qing dynasties still intact ancient appearance, donkey-hide gelatin ofdonkey-hide gelatin production workshops workshop protection of ancient street in the cultural Park."Historical zone, integrated service reception, Jiao industrial cultural area, workshop area," "three area"plan, helped make it into a set of donkey-hide gelatin cultural tourism, leisure health integrated tourismdemonstration sites.
At present, as only Chinese brand enterprise of donkey-hide gelatin industry, and glue the gelatin pieceproduction and sales volume of the group in 2011, 2012 for two consecutive years in the industry first,series of species than the industry first, export volume in the industry first, realize national cooperation between the top drugstore chain, product market coverage rate of 90% per cent. Meanwhile, more than more than 200 outlets throughout the country, cultural tour of donkey-hide gelatin and gelatin across the country each year literacy training more than 300 sessions, respectively, set up a fried paste over more than 20,000,which has set up more than 3,000 companies ejiao cream boil together with the taste, has set off a nationalupsurge of donkey-hide gelatin health, led the industry spending.
"Starting from a product, make numerous products; a market from the start, and do countless market startsfrom a consumer, make countless consumers. "Yang Fuan and he of Fu glue to" do culture health of team, with culture do health "as enterprise of positioning, implementation to donkey-hide gelatin for led, and to OTC and food for growth line, and to drug for auxiliary line of wire operating strategy, to" will customer risk drop for zero, put customer interests maximize "for principles, achieved full, and globalization of team and personalized of advanced strategy cooperation mode, formed brand Xia of overall Heli, accelerated China medicine modernization of development pace, with" culture health "of" Fu "line in China Earth, Ultimately,"Fu plastic carrier" great concept.
Excerpted from 5.31 Jinan daily

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