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"First quality" Chinese health "first brand
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Shandong Fuk rubber group is the first national history, product quality best, forms the most completevariety of donkey-hide gelatin manufacturers. Is the production of Fortune cards of donkey-hide gelatinproducts, involved in medicines and health products in food, modern CNC machine tools, real estate and otherindustries group, has more than more than 10 subsidiaries, Donga Town, pingyin County, respectively, andJinan have built four major production bases and provincial-level enterprise technical centers, strategicplanning for the company.
Group Fu brand leading products of donkey-hide gelatin, relying on the Donga Town unique natural conditions,has three unduplicated unique advantage exclusively use natural water through gum and exclusively in accordance with boiled pork adhesive shiershan donkey standard exquisite choice of materials,-by-generationspread through rubber sole inheritance Donga Town feat. Because of genuine high quality and high efficiency,famous at home and abroad, is the only brand recognition of overseas Chinese. During the Qing dynasty courttributes by epitomizing the imperial seal to become Royal brand, 1915 Gold Award by the World Expo, has so far received over domestic and international awards.
In recent years, Fu rubber group growth of major economic indicators based on 50%, 2010 block of donkey-hide gelatin production and sales volume of the industry's first, types and amounts of donkey-hide gelatinproducts industry first, and 96% of the nation's top chains and regional chains, shops, boutiques and otherestablished strategic cooperative relations, domestic market coverage of more than 90%. Won national donkey-hide gelatin quality appraisals first name, and national gold medal, and donkey-hide gelatin origin registered, and first Chinese old, and China famous trademark, and national non-material culture heritage protection, and national high-tech enterprise, and China medicine industry most with growth force enterprise, and China enterprise culture construction 50 strong, national honors and Shandong province quality stars enterprise, and provincial medicine modernization technology demonstration enterprise, and provincial keep contract heavy credit enterprise, and Shandong province consumers satisfaction units, many provinces level honors.
Was industry as domestic well-known donkey-hide gelatin expert, and donkey-hide gelatin industry quality technology leader, and donkey-hide gelatin medicine modernization of road founder of Fu glue Group General Manager Yang Fuan, 1998 began enjoy State Government special posted, 2008 to donkey-hide gelatin expert of identity participate in has Olympic torch passed, also obtained China ten cloud Lu commercial, and Shandong province fumin XING Lu labor Medal, and Shandong province invention venture award, and Shandong province non-genetic bearing people, and effects Jinan ten economic characters, honors.
Yang Fuan witnessed Fu gum group the whole process of reform and innovation. He believes, donkey-hide gelatinhas been able to for thousands of years without failure, lies in the quality and efficacy of Fu plastic grouphas been able to lead the donkey-hide gelatin comes from consistently doing "first quality".
Perseverance to create "first quality"
For decades, Fu rubber group has always put quality as enterprise life, build quality as the core of thecorporate culture. Different period proposed and practice has multiple quality concept, like: quality first user first, and production both meet national standards and meet consumers needs of products, and to gold of quality build gold products, and who hit products brand on hit who of jobs, and not caught quality of Director not good Director, and quality is insurmountable of high-tension line,, in recent years and proposed "build donkey-hide gelatin first quality, set donkey-hide gelatin first brand", to first quality do China health first brand. Regardless of history how changes, Fu glue group always put consumers interests put in first bit, first implemented quality rejected system, and quality joint punishment system, and quality recalled system, in employees in the widely carried out "quality in I heart products in I hands" activities, implementation "technology workers is talent" of talent concept, grant important technology post employees "donkey-hide gelatin descendants", and "technology workers", and "workers technician", title, signed to Division with acts agreement, to quality concept guide professional technology talent team build "first quality".
From quality education, as making people "first quality" at all. Starting in the 80 's, by way ofintroduction and orientation were examined, recruit quality talent, followed by backbone Group sent outimplementation of staff training, annual training, external experts to carry out special quality educationalso allocated special funds for quality engineers, pharmacists, QC research and training. Set the rewardFund made outstanding contributions to the quality of collective and individual awards, and organizing theBeijing tour. Through intelligence, create a number of quality-conscious, with modern management skills,team, total quality management, from the qualification of suppliers, procurement of raw materials,intermediate goods transfer, storage, batching operations quality inspection, warehousing to product sales,each process all details are strictly according to GMP standard operation, management and control.
Fu plastic views customers as the most precious asset of the group. Consumers every phone call, letters arethe stimulus for continuous improvement actions. Quality Department daily from the Service Office to collectcustomer feedback, sales people's feedback on a regular basis; not regularly sent to all major markets fordistributors and retailers to visit; terminal points over more than 3,000 markets across the country-friedpaste activities, communicate face-to-face with consumers, providing consumers with value-added after-sales services to listen to their demands for products. Let users enjoy the satisfaction of products and services,also allows customers to be promoted together with the company.
Fu rubber group while maintaining the traditional characteristics of the Foundation, through the use ofmodern scientific and technological means, new testing facilities, provision of additional testing to ensure that products "first quality". It also established a strict quality system of accountability, as top quality engineering projects to do. As a means of managing, Fu gum quality control, supervision and assessment is animportant work. In addition to units outside the self-monitoring and evaluation, the Group has dedicated allcompany departments oversee the quality assessment, quality indicators, rejected, fall short of target, thennegative wage, negative equity or even demotion, removal of liability, demoted.
Due to the consistent application of the strict quality control, the "Fu" brand of donkey-hide gelatinproducts always first quality, product market sampling rate 100%, have been no consumer complaints. Fu Groupin Shandong province quality Star enterprise, provincial food hygiene unit, Fu brand of gelatin productiontechniques were included in the national intangible cultural heritage list, "Fu" and "Fu rubber" brand wasrecognized as China well-known trademarks. Yang Fuan believes that "Fu plastic rapid development, afundamental element of the group is to hold the moral red lines of the Enterprise-Enterprise pursuit ofproduct quality. Companies should adhere to the moral red lines like a person, not to a time beyond the red line. "This is Fu plastic human heritage" houdezaifu "that reflected the fathers to train.
Implement gelatin modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, to lead the industry, "first quality"
Early 90 's of the last century, then donkey-hide gelatin, Director of the Institute of Yang Fuan, China put forward to lead the industry, "first quality", "based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine based onconsumer-oriented" implementation of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. In this theory, under theguidance of Fu plastic group started to develop new products, has now formed a variety of advantages, above80% economic benefits, opening up shortcuts for industry implementation of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Blessing cards, instant gelatin of donkey-hide gelatin, donkey-hide gelatin blood oral solution, Jinan City, was recognized as one of the first products of independent innovation, Fu rubber groupbecome the country's experimental unit of intellectual property rights.
In the process of product development, Yang Fuan stressed that "based on consumer-oriented products, butabsolutely do not meet consumer demand. "Some manufacturers cater to consumers like the black donkey-hide gelatin, no smell of donkey-hide gelatin, fragile demand of the donkey-hide gelatin, products includesubstances such as colorings, flavorings, alum, physical and psychological harm to consumers. Fu rubber grouphated for those acts.
Research and development products at the same time, Fu rubber group in terms of technical innovation andstandard-setting has also been at the forefront of the industry. In national first built has donkey-hide gelatin modernization perennial production line, ended has more than 2000 years of donkey-hide gelatin seasonal production of behind history, achieved has traditional and modern technology of fusion; prepared has national General of first donkey-hide gelatin production process procedures and donkey-hide gelatin production post operation method; first built has donkey-hide gelatin production, and quality, and detection standard and contains into China Pharmacopoeia, became national donkey-hide gelatin quality control of specification; established has science of quality guarantee system and closely of electronic monitoring system, was into Jinan drug prison Council " Pharmaceutical production and remote video surveillance system"pilot unit.
Fu rubber Group invested hundreds of millions of dollars, the implementation of the pharmaceutical health food GMP certification, certification and many other provincial-level tourist demonstration sites project,into a high-tech enterprise, provincial spark science and technology demonstration enterprises, modernizationof traditional Chinese medicine science and technology demonstration enterprises, advanced Group oftechnology innovation in Jinan City.
"First quality" lead the industry
For a long time, Fu group active throughout the quality development programme, and the responsibility to leadthe development of the industry, is responsible for quality and build quality of the first premise, also didthe industry responsible, the customer is responsible for and accountable to consumers.
Fu rubber group based on industry and responsible attitude is always dominates, donkey-hide gelatin ofdonkey-hide gelatin process quality standards, participation in the formulation of the pharmacopoeiastandards for the establishment of uniform quality standards and industry standards of donkey-hide gelatinhas made an outstanding contribution, leading the donkey-hide gelatin industry's development trend.Maintenance, Fu plastic group has been committed to carry forward the culture of donkey-hide gelatin,committed to the development of the gelatin industry.
Fu glue Group on customer is responsible for, always insisted "put cooperation partners of risk drop for zero, let cooperation partners of interests maximize" of strategy cooperation concept, followed competition of market development law, active promoted donkey-hide gelatin industry of benign competition, against kidnapping customer, and not respect customer, and ignored customer, denied customer operating autonomy of behavior, advocate operating independent, and total win cooperation, not to Lee small and not for, not to Lee big and single for, not to monopoly denied consumers on products of select right, better to for consumers service.
Fu plastic group to ensure genuine, responsible for the consumer. Adhere to the "quality" reputation ofconfidence, quality and confidence in the industry, not to engage in unfair competition, not in any formcomments alluding to the peer, does not in any way exclude peer product marketing position, illusion does notcreate confusion among consumers and allow consumers freedom of choice. In the case of massive priceincreases, f rubber group adhere to waqianjianghao, maintain the stability of prices of donkey-hide gelatin,not the pursuit of huge profits, so that only the Chinese brand of donkey-hide gelatin products, consumersaffordable, reliable, time-tested products. As Yang Fuan says, "has the responsibility of enterprises cannot be concerned only with high-end consumer groups, ignoring the interests of most consumers. Currently affected by rising prices and other factors, there is pressure on prices and demand of donkey-hide gelatin products,but Fu rubber group will continue to adopt measures such as reducing intermediate circulation links, to meetthe needs of our customers. 
First quality is to take on more social responsibility to even higher heights
Fu Group quality culture has such a section, "quality is a character, attitude towards quality issueshighlights personal ethical standards and corporate social responsibility. "Yang Fuan education staff, onlythe quality rises to the height of social responsibility, so that employees have a sense of, we will not beunder the influence of some inappropriate statements, practices in the industry before they can actually dosome good for enterprises, consumers, social thing. Improving quality means you can improve productivity,increase customer satisfaction, enhance brand reputation. Improve quality to build harmonious enterprise andharmonious team. Quality improvement can also reduce consumer costs use Fu plastic products to reducepollution and energy consumption, thus reducing the waste of society's wealth. Improve product quality, it isthe need of building a conservation-minded society, is a corporate social citizen's obligation.
In recent years, with donkey-hide gelatin market continues to expand, and successive expansion of the rubberGroup recruitment, resolve Donga Town close to surrounding people, pingyin County students employmentproblems and continuously improve staff welfare benefits. Meanwhile, Yang Fuan take the lead in activelyparticipating in social welfare, won the good reputation of the society.
"First quality" China's first brand health
Donkey-hide gelatin pure health products health products to the transition from the past, what consumersreally benefit from donkey-hide gelatin consumption, and began to change from winter consumption to focus onannual health. Therefore, the donkey-hide gelatin as a whole market is developing rapidly in recent years andwill continue for a long time. In the industry of donkey-hide gelatin, Fu brand of gelatin with its uniquequality and efficacy, trust and support from more and more consumers nationwide. Fu glue group has made planning, 35 period between, will construction only China donkey-hide gelatin Institute, and China donkey-hide gelatin Culture Park, and shiershan donkey research base, national maximum of donkey-hide gelatin production base; full promoted "Fu line China", will Fu brand donkey-hide gelatin culture, and Fu glue products, and culture health promotion to national, to "first quality" do China health "first brand", let humanity like drink coffee as consumption Fu brand donkey-hide gelatin. (Author: ye xiaowen of the honestyDeclaration No. 4142 published)

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